Financial Awards Guidelines

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Scholarship Education Ministry (SEM) of freedom Hillside Church is responsible for decisions concerned with financial assistance for Undergraduate Students enrolled in a four-year college/university, two-year college. Financial support is limited to four years for undergraduate students between the ages of 17-26 For example, a student enrolled in a junior/community college will receive an additional two years of financial assistance if the student continues to a four-year college/university, and if other eligibility requirements are met.

The financial assistance will be provided in the following equitable manner: students enrolled in a two-year college will receive an award equal to 50% of the award granted to students enrolled in a four-year

Guidelines for receiving financial assistance are as follows:
* Applicant MUST be an active member of Freedom Hillside Church
* Provide a one-page letter detailing student’s college experience, faith experience, and promise to use the award funds for school
* Complete application by the established deadline
* Full time status verified (12t hours) by the official document from college/university (confirmation of registration for current semester)
* Minimum grade point average 2.0-2.99 (4.0 scale) for basic financial award; higher financial awards for higher G.P.A.
* Most recent grade report MUST accompany the completed application—-NO EXCEPTIONS. Please scan grade report and submit along with completed application.
* Financial assistance to students will be based upon the specific Freedom Hillside Church financial assistance requirements (G.P.A., ect), church or religious involvement (as validated by a Freedom Hillside Church team leader); and academic performance and potential as indicated by participation in extra curricular activities on campus and at Freedom Hillside Church.
* Disbursement: financial awards for all students will be paid by SEM to the financial aid office only of the recipient’s academic Institution. Funds are not payable directly to the recipient.
* Financial award recipients are required to maintain at least a 2.0 average for the basic financial award from Freedom Hillside Church. Failure to do so will result in termination of the award.
* Awards are not automatically renewed for succeeding school years. Current recipients must submit a new application to be eligible for renewal.
* Students applying for funds must complete the “request for Application” Form (in Word format at and submit online.
* Students must submit a high-resolution color photo along with the application.