Empowerment Fellowships

We share together to strengthen each other and to encourage and enrich one another’s lives. We are linked by age, stage, gender or specific status. By serving together, we become an effective witness in the world, at work, at home for others in our category.

Health and Wellness

Persons of the church who are interested in keeping the members healthy and well through group meetings, clinics, health fairs, exercise classes, and providing information to impact the physical well-being of the family and community.

Women of Purpose Women’s Ministry

Women of Purpose Women’s Ministry is for adult women who have a desire to connect with and support other women. There is something powerful about women who come together to learn and lift one another. Join us!

Men’s Ministry

Adult men who meet together weekly to study the Word and interact to plan and execute activities geared at getting the men in the church to become disciples of the Lord and servants in the church. This group does more than meet. They serve as worship assistants, mentors for the boys, provide security and assistance around the church.